“Charlo Greene Is A Rapper Now”


Broadcast journalist and media expert turned activist and businesswoman, Charlo Greene let’s us in on some of her music, yes she has some bars for us as she start up her first times in the studio to record.

In one of her latest live YouTube session she also let’s us in on her unfortunate case she currently some to go on trail for in Alaska.



Only details I’ve heard her say was that she is being charged for creating “The Alaska Cannabis Club” , in Alaska which is a legal Marijuana state her charges hold a ridiculous sentence of 54 years.. smh ..

She say’s “It’s like a payback for her ‘Fuck it I Quit’ thing ” where Greene said those word live on air while she worked as an news anchor. I hope the best for her.

Since then shes been shinning a positive light on the weed and opening various businesses, organizations, an media, providing information within the industry among other things  . 

More Charlo Greene Here

Let’s bring some awareness to her story

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                                More Charlo Greene Here










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