Jay Z & Will Smith Losses Bankroll

1332326-main_imageSony Pictures Entertainment is the latest target of cyber criminals who according to nydailynews.com “have stolen five new movies from the studio” including Jamie Foxx’s “Annie”.   The movie was scheduled to be released in theaters later this month just in time for the Christmas holiday blockbuster line-up on December 19th.

It was two weeks ago when hackers hijacked Sony Pictures’ servers and locked out employees who were “greeted with a strange picture as they tried to login to their computers.” The online magazine showed a picture of a very creepy, red skeleton as the backdrop to a warning saying “We’ve obtained all your internal data…”






willsmithjayzjayzwillsmithbatteryybgc15w0wbvl“Annie” has been illegally downloaded than more 200,000 times since Sunday.  Each illegal download is costing “Annie” producers Will and Jada Pinkett Smith along with Rapper/businessman Jay-Z lost revenue at the box office.  This latest reincarnation of the Broadway musical based on the comic strip “Little Orphan Annie” stars Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and Quvenzhané Wallis in the title role of the loveable orphan. Singer Rihanna also makes a cameo appearance in the movie. Some industry analysts have been quoted as saying even after all the illegal downloads on peer-to-peer file sharing sites, the leak still may not have a major financial impact on “Annie” at the box office.


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