Ms Charlo ( @IamCharloGreene ) Of Alaska Is “Making America Greene Again”

Just To Give All Who Don’t Know Some Information On Charlo Greene

From her website :

Charlo Greene is a broadcast journalist and media expert turned activist and businesswoman who has emerged as a leading voice in the ongoing conversation about legalization, as well as diversity, in the cannabis community after garnering more than 100 MILLION VIEWS online . 

Charlo became a recognized leader in cannabis activism in September 2014, when she punctuated her on-air report on the Alaska Cannabis Club with the bombshell that she was the club’s founder and owner, proudly declared her activism and signed off for the last time with, “F*ck it, I quit…”  Immediately following her exit, Charlo successfully led the charge in Alaska’s 2014 effort to legalize recreational marijuana, securing Alaska’s place as the third state in the nation (and first Republican-led state) to legalize usage for adults.

A longtime (and until recently, underground) activist in the cannabis community, Charlo is fast establishing herself as a bona fide force for worldwide change—and as one of the few women of color in leadership positions in the industry, she has a unique voice that demands to be heard.

Since I heard about her in 2014 I been following her movement and her taking up the responsibility to stand for what she and everyone else belief and how she does it ! Shes real af!  is committed to de-stigmatizing cannabis and effecting social change by promoting awareness and knowledge of the cannabis community and burgeoning industry through compelling, heart felt and high quality conscious content.

VICE  Report On Charlo Greene

Snoop Dogg’s GGN Report On Charlo Greene

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