Focus on your work with @Codybader_ & Future Focus

Cody Bader, creator of Future Focus. He got into graphic designing when while young and taught his self how to use programs.

The simple fact that he was a terrible drawer really got me to take graphic designing serious and perfect a career he knew he is destine for. He’s been doing graphics design consistently over the past year and have managed to link with several artists and labels. Artist like Lil Reese, Lil Durk, Lor Choc, Ponce De Leioun, Peso Da Mafia, Cypher Clique, Brett Coxy Productions & other DJs and producers. His goal is to really get his name out there and catch a lot of the main stream artists eyes!


“The biggest thing i want people to take out of it is the name of my company. Focus on your Future, everything relies on you!”

FF-New Logo


Here his some graphics he recently done for artists

Play Ya Role Cover Run Up On Me Cover.png


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