Million dollar “Sugar Baby” [VIDEO]

Nina Peterson has made over $1 million being a companion to older rich men

“A sugar daddy invests in a woman that he feels has the potential to be an asset in his life,” she told Barcroft. “A prostitute is not an asset.” – Nina Peterson

Sugar baby –  A young female or male who is financially  pampered/ cared for by an Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama in exchange for companionship (i.e. sexual favors, physical or non physical)

Now she is some what right a sugar baby does NOT necessarily is considered an prostitute for a prostitute ONLY exchanges sex for money..

A she’s more like a paid girlfriend that stays around as long as her compensations is meet.. where as a ‘Hoe’ (not prostitute)  will get it and go with no ties whatsoever to there client then the time actually spent.

As far as her children, I don’t like to speak on how other up bring their kids.. all I will say though for those of you who will, at least her kids realize self worth and she provided options for them with college already been paid for so they can choose their own route.

What do you think?

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