More news on El Chapo

Extraditing Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is not going to be an easy task for the US or Mexican officials.

With the appeal process alone that can take up to 3 years, I think that gives the crime boss plenty of time to “think of something” on his home grounds. Two of Chapo’s lawyers are also fighting, the extradition is unconstitutional, during a press conference the two turned in an appeal to block the extradition to the Mexican Supreme Court. In reply a federal judge granted provisional suspension from the extradition for 48hrs to present its report justifying its actions within US-Mexico extradition guidelines

Despite that judge’s ruling, the appeal was disavowed  on Saturday by Jose Refugio Rodriguez, another member of Guzmán’s legal team.

“We have a strategy with Joaquin and we are planning it,” Rodriguez said, adding that Badillo and Gonzalez could have acted out of “a desire for notoriety.” El Chapo’s legal team

Guzmán, who was recently moved from a prison in central Mexico toone near the US border in Ciudad Juarez, faces indictments in multiple US jurisdictions.


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