N.O. raises minimum age for #exotic #dancers

tmg-article_tall Rick’s Cabaret – French Quarters (above)

As a way to attack sex trafficking, the Louisiana state legislature raised the minimum age for females dancers to work the industry from 18-21.

Some may argue the fact that if a young female is old enough to join the military then why can’t she make her own decision to be an exotic entertainer.

Questions arise if it’s an necessary and effective  approach. Like is it really a big difference if your daughter waits to strip at 21 rather then 18, will you as a father feel any different ?

While like every lifestyle, culture or sub culture may all have misconceptions being a exotic dancer aka stripper has plenty…   their are gentlemen club’s and their entertainers that are trashy and a lot that are classy, some completely nude some just topless, some ladies are just trying to make a living from an opportunity. While it may not seem “moral” to some it’s still away to make money. The best stripper in the club who know better does better!

It is fair to blame the sex traffickers for taking advantage of young teen girls on the street with no means of support.  Out of desperation, young teens are willing to trade sex for the shelter and food needed to survive.  But the most tragic aspect of sex trafficking is the fact that there is a market for sex with teenage girls.  And who creates the market – older men who are willing to pay to satisfy their desire to have sex with an underage girl – a girl that is someone’s daughter.


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