Blvu ( pronounced Blue) was born in Queens, NY and raised in Long Island. He’s had a passion for music ever since a kid especially rap and hip-hop. He was fortunate enough to be a naturally talented songwriter & performer.
During a dark time in his life in 2013 ( one of many) he turned to rapping as a lifelong career and has been working continuously to build his business into an incredible long term success.
51160012 [204554]
He listens to the beat and lets it take him to where he needs to be. With a super unorthodox “writing” style, He rehearses all the lyrics in his head only, over and over, until he has a full song!


                                                 photo [208234]
Blvu believes that in the next 5 years, he “will be regarded as The Best Rapper in the past 5 years”.
The music is honest, street music with amazing melodies that relate to everybody.

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