@HEAVENHOLLYWOOD & (The Crazies) Made sure the online airwaves would never be the same !!


The Heaven Hollywood Experience

When you want the uncut raw truth on the radio with no filter you can only go one place to find it and that’s the Heaven Hollywood Experience. The ” Shock Jock” brings his unique and controversial views to Dollhouse radio and the online airwaves will never be the same. Blogger/Filmmaker Heaven Hollywood has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years, with songwriting and fillm production credits under his belt he decided to try his hand in media. He created the urban media hit program Blok Tv with his brother Wes Clark. The Clark Brothers are the brains behind WBLOK Radio and The Heaven Hollywood Experience. India Morel creator and founder of popular online radio show Dollhouse radio took notice of Heaven Hollywood and his co host ( The Crazies) and felt as though it was a perfect fit to her roster of Shows on Dollhouse.

with his Left hand Broad Mz_Od and his Right hand Broad La Rivers Heaven Hollywood tackles Exclusive entertainment news,rumors music and social issues. Throw in his ” Silent majority ” My mans and dem” and you have 4 unique voices and personalities that make The Heaven Hollywood Show an experience you won’t soon forget

catch Heaven Hollywood and The crazies every Tuesday night from 10pm-1130pm on Dollhouse Radio http://blogtalkradio.com/dollhouseradio

Cast Host Heaven Hollywood
left hand broad Mz Od
right hand broad La Rivers
The unsilent majority “My mans and dem”

Mz O.D Heaven Hollywood La Rivers MyMan’sNDeM





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